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Recipes & food tales
Memory book

Recipes can be learned from a cookbook. With a wOrld in a PAN, you will learn more than recipes, you will learn about the ingredients you use, their origin, how they traveled the world - before globalization was a concept -, how to store them, use them in different recipes, how to use leftovers… and more.
Cooking classes last 3 hours: two hours to prepare the menu, one hour to share it with the group.
Market & cooking

Take a stroll about a Parisian farmer’s market with Perrine, buy freshly picked flavorsome produce from local producers and learn to become a full-time or part-time Locavore!

Sample menu:

Broccoli flans with salmon eggs
Salmon in Bacon Robe
Leeks fondue
In Perrine ’s studio, learn to transform, sublimate, and enjoy preparing hands-on a three course meal … then sharing it around a delightfully dressed table.

Pears in red wine
A glass of wine

This is a wonderful opportunity to visit a Parisian market, to learn to select the freshest products, and to realize how easily you can succeed in putting together a three course meal.

The tour lasts four hours. Participants meet at the metro exit at 10 am, walk to the market, and then to Perrine ’s Parisian apartment where they prepare the meal.

Fee: 130 per participant for a 4-hour class.

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For those who are looking for technics and want to find out how to prepare French Macaroons

In this expert pastry atelier, you will acquire in a small group of 4 participants all the technics to realize different flavors of macaroons.
During the class with Perrine you will learn step by step how to bake the shelves and the fillings, so that you can reproduce the entire recipe back home. In the end, macaroons shall have no more secrets for you.

€135 / participant
3.30 hour class - minimum 2 participants

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Simply cooking

For those who lack time or just want a simpler experience, enjoy our Simply Cooking class focused on the culinary art and nothing else.

Taste the vibrant colors of fresh produce and feast your eyes on the delectable presentation your host will assist you in preparing. Let your creativity loose and fear not mingling and blending spices, herbs and freshly picked perfectly ripe vegetables before creating a layout of dishes as tasty as it is lovely.
The three course menu is based on seasonal fresh produce from farms around Paris. Meal includes a glass of wine.

110 per participant - 3-hour class - Minimum 4 participants

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All about cheese

Visit a local Cheese Shop whose owner is an award winning cheese “affineur”. You can add a Market Tour and visit the cheese stands in the local market.  

Did you know that cheese can be seasonal? Some cheeses like Mont d’Or are produced only at given times of the year. Some are aged for months before being sold. What’s the strongest French cheese? Taste the vibrant flavors of French cheeses and make your selection. Once in the studio, you will be challenged with unusual pairings of cheese and wine. A salad will be served.

120 per participant - 3-hour tour

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Pastry Atelier

Have fun with our "Pastry Atelier" (2 hours) for families with young children.
You will bake 3 different cakes such as chocolate fondant, financiers with almonds,, choux, crêpes...

€ 125 per hour for a family (more than2)    
€95 per person (if only 2 )  

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Fashion Choux Atelier

Fun classes to create delicious and colorful baby choux (in bold like "For those who are looking for technics and want to find out how to prepare French macaroon) 

During 2hours and a Half you will learn hands on how to bake cream puffs and éclairs. Step by step you will discover the tricks to make your puff pastries grow perfectly and how to flavor them. From the simple but delicious chouquette to the more expert and gourmet éclairs, Perrine will guide you with all her attention. She will also teach you to bake 3 very tasty "crème pâtissière" feeling according to your preference (chocolate, vanilla, coffee, caramel, hazel...) After this fun baking session you will savor together your realizations around a nicely dressed table. As sweet has always a little taste of not enough, you will leave with some of your pastries to extend this pleasure a little longer during your stay in Paris. 

110€ (minimum 2 pers.)    

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Tailored tours to suit your taste can be arranged for, as well as any combination of the tours presented here. Contact us now!

or call: +33 6 67 10 63 15 (GMT+2)

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Market & cooking
€ 130
per person
Macaroons Atelier
€ 135
per person (minimun 2)
Pastry Atelier
€ 125
per hour (more than 2 persons)
per person (for 2 persons)
Fashion Choux Atelier
€ 110
per person (minimun 2)
Simply cooking
per person
All about cheese
per person.

Our Home Chefs strive to offer innovative yet simple menus, their recipes are easy to reproduce once you're at home.

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